Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a haiku of love, on layover

advil PM, you
seductress you, making a
long flight bearable.

13 hours fly
nary a movie consumed
ipod still charged up

and oh! narita
you fantastic airport you
with your super perks

FREE yahoo cafe
noodles everywhere i look
fancy hand dryers

beijing, you have your
work cut out for you, is all
that i am saying.


  1. wow. i have never heard such expressions of love for flying. i am impressed, and a little jealous... seeing as how i would express my last flying experience as:

    stranded at dulles
    why can't i get a flight out????
    effing united.

  2. PS - i can't figure out why blogspot won't let me change the display name, so for now, i'm rory the bulldog :)

  3. Ooh! Look! It worked! Ok, no more comments. sorry.